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Contest - What is This?


I stopped by the Southern States booth and found the strangest device in the show - so far. What am I showing in this photo. If you don’t know, go over and ask. Brad Schafer will be very happy to tell you about it.

Chalk Art

Earlier I blogged about the art being made at the Expo. The folks at Thomas & Betts have hired some chalk artists. They are going to make a floor picture.


This first photo is the empty canvas.

Stayed tuned!

Where Is Everyone?


Well, it looks like I am not the only one running slowly today! This is the quiet before the storm. But I know soon the floor will be hopping to finish everything up.

We have broken all kinds of records. We had over 12,000 attendees registered yesterday and today they are expecting many more. Walk-ins are always very high once the floor is active. Someone told me the exhibitors are now over 770 in number. When I look around the floor I believe it.

I don’t think my golf playing buddies could drive a ball from one end of this place to the other.

Moving Slowly


I’m moving slowly this morning - even in my bright ORANGE shirt. (Tommy wanted to make sure you all would see me) The parties last night were so much fun, but they kept me out much later than expected. This morning, it was a little hard doing my morning exercises. I usually spend some time with the animals and elements (Chinese stretching but with a martial element).

Now I am ready for the day. I know it is going to be a lot of walking. Heck it is over a mile from hte lobby to the conference enterence!

Back In Miami…


After catching up with the swamp part of the family, we went back to Miami. There was a casino set up and everyone was given money to gamble with. I saw all kinds of games of chance in the room.

This place was like a three ring circus. The action was going hard and fast. The folks at the planning committee really out did themselves. Last Expo we shut down the Mississippi and had a fireworks display you would not believe. This year we had the fire works inside at the two parties running parallel.

If you missed it tonight - to bad. Don’t miss the next Expo in 2014 at Chicago! Tommy tells me it will be even better.

Cousin Thing


The swamp side of the family was present tonight. I remember seeing Cousin Thing at family reunions when I was a kid. He hasn’t changed a bit in all these years. I think this is the first time Pam has meet this side of the family.

Two Themes For The Price Of One


We had the choice of two parties tonight. Yes, that is correct two parties! We had one focused on the Miami of the 50s and the other one The Swamp. Miami was really fun, the music hot, and the food great. But I’m from an area north of Miami and I felt more at home in the swamp.

I remember my drill sergeant picking on me and my friends. He told us we should thank God every day that we had joined up and got out of the swamps. Otherwise we wouldn’t know what shoes were. He was probably right.We each got two pairs of boots just for joining the service.

Party Time!!!!


If there is one thing PES knows how to do and how to do well it is party. I have been a member of this group for over 35 years. Heck - so long I am a Life Member. And one thing I really have enjoyed over the years are the receptions.

We have great food and lots of time to visit and enjoy each others company. The food was fantastic. Other conferences I have been to you have to get to the food line within a few minutes of its opening if you expect to get any food. At PES functions the food keeps coming. I challenge anyone to leave without eating their fill. It is impossible.

If You Missed It You’ll Get A Second Chance!


I spent a very enjoyable time with the leadership of the PES tonight. PES had a golf tournament last Saturday. It was a super success with over 50 people taking part to raise money for the program. It was so successful that Al Rotz told me it is going to become part of the general meetings and future Expos.

Al said they already had a substantial number signed up for San Diego next July and they had not started the advertisements for it! He is very excited. If you run into Al or any of the other officers ask about it. You’ll have a great time and really help some deserving students.

Some Booths Are Almost Ready


This place is in every stage of construction you can imagine. I have seen some booths this afternoon that are empty, still in crates, and deserted. Others are fighting the construction process - looks like tinker toys gone bad. Others are jsut about ready and they folks are putting the finishing touches on them.


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