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Training - First Hand


The folks at Salisbury have been doing training since the floor opened. They have the tools and the models set up to give you first hand experience with the equipment. Where else can an engineer or a manager get to work the tools? Try it at home and you get into problems with the union. Do it here and learn.

Discount Time


Be sure to visit the ladies at the CRC Press booth and get 20% off all books purchased. They also pay the postage, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it home. The postman will do all the heavy lifting.

I Found It


On Sunday afternoon this monster was taking on the army of forklifts. It was the only thing I saw that was able to move through this place easily and safely. It turns out that is what it does in the filed too. It floats, goes through swamps, up embankments, you name it. Pretty cool. Go see the Hydratrek booth and watch it in action.

It Is Done!


The chalk art is complete and is one of the most popular paces on the floor today. You can stop by and get your photo taken as part of the display. You can also talk with the artists and get to feel a real part of the action. Don’t miss it!

IEEE 2012: Opening the Floor

The crowd poured into the conference right on time.

Siemens 3D Transformer Model

Stop by Siemens booth and see this amazing demo. You can really see how a transformer works.

Chalk Report #5


The floor was closing and I was just able to get this shot. I’ll get over there the first thing in the morning and see how it was finished. I am also going to get my photo in it. Thomas & Betts promised an exciting ending.

Super Grid Day

My friends Erich Gunther and Doug Houseman of EnerNex reminded me that Wednesday is Super Grid Day at the Expo. Don’t miss it. The sessions begin at 8am on the dot.

Erich told me there is a super agenda of topics given by the leading experts in their fields and it is all here. All you have to do is show up, but Doug reminds us that it is a super popular subject and other sessions have been standing room only - so get there early.

Something Was Up


I got to a booth too late. I don’t know what was going on, but they were giving something away. I can’t believe everyone was fighting for a space at a briefing. But this is a bunch of engineers and technicians. You can get them to do just about anything if you phrase it correctly. I’ll have to go over in the morning and get the story.

Where In The Booth Are You?


Okay, Bill was right, the ABB exhibit space is huge. He sent me a map to help guide me around in it. The one thing he didn’t send me was his location on the map. I started looking for him before the show floor opened to the attendees.

I hunted all over the place all day long. (Hmmmm, could it be he really didn’t want me to find him?) Well that didn’t work. I can be very persistent. Just before the day ended, I found him sitting on a chair in front of the greeting desk! Tomorrow I think I will make him look for me and I have over 200,000 square feet to hind in!!!!! Get busy Bill.


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