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Transformers Are Getting More High Tech


I ran into Dave Harris from Waukesha today. He has some interesting things to say about where the substation transformer technology is headed. I am sure he will share these facts with you. Stop by and say hi. Telling him you read about him on the blog!

The Universities Are Here


An old friend of mine is on the floor talking to manufacturers and exhibitors. He is George Karady from Arizona. He has been teaching electrical engineering students for a long time. That is why he is here - keeping up with the technology advancements.

The Attendees Are Ready


This place is crowded! Everywhere I go I see lots and lots of people visiting the booths. The flow of information is amazing. I have also seen young engineers all over the place. The ones I have talked to are blown away by the size of the exhibit hall. They wonder how they are going to see it all in just 3 days!

Contest Time

Who has the best give away booth toy???? I am looking. The winner will be featured in an up coming blog! If you see me, give me a toy.

Tech Toys


Be sure to stop at Areva!. Neil Kerby has the most fantastic scanner. He held a graphic of a converter station up to it and the computer screen jumped to a 3D model of a converter. What a neat thing. I could not believe it. The detail was great. You could do a real fly around and go thru the model.

A Little Catch Up


I got on the floor before the grand opening. I knew the exhibits would be ready for us, but it was still shocking to see how it had changed since yesterday afternoon. While we were all out playing at the reception, the exhibitors were busy working. Many worked through the night to get ready. I talked with several workers and they did not make the reception. Sorry guys, but thank you so much for keeping after it. The floor is beautiful. I am going crazy running around trying to see everything you brought.

The Main Aisle & The Parade


The doors opened exactly on time. The band marched down the main aisle. They had to dodge the tables set up for our lunch. The Crescent City Currents have been working and working to pull this off. The attendees are flooding the hall. I can’t believe the numbers. I was on the floor before the opening and it was quiet. The only noise was the vacuum cleaners - now it is very noisy here.

The Parade Is Almost Here


The crowd has grown exponentially. Everyone is milling about. Waiting until the magic hour of 10am gets here. The band is here. The plan is in place. We are ready to get this show on the road. Tommy is giving orders and answering question. Now I have to get the video working. I am sure I’ll get it, but uploading is a challenge here.

The Reception Ended With A Bang - Lots of Them


The Crescent City Currents knows how to throw a party. These folks lined up the parade, got the permits, found bands, and got floats. If that wasn’t enough, they set the reception in motion. Then we had the fish to visit at the aquarium. There was also music to entertain. Then they closed down the Mississippi for the super fireworks to cap the evening!!!

If you missed this - shame on you. You missed one of the best opening ceremonies ever. The folks here in New Orleans know how to party!!!



We stood on the river front listening to jazz from the band. It was great. They even had dancers in front of the stage. But, something caught me eye on the river (also my ear). A paddle boat came by blowing its horn. The boat was all lit up and a party was happening on board. This is one party town.


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