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Jazz Sets The Stage For The Grand Opening

After the grand opening, the band continued marching about the exhibit hall. They played and danced from one end of the floor to the other. I think this was one of the happiest exhibit halls I have ever seen. New Orleans you know how to have fun.

The Parade Makes It Official - We Are Open

The parade led folks into the exhibit hall and down the center aisle. The crowd moved fast, faster than the band. These people had studied the floor plan and took off running as soon as they could get past security. They wanted to be first at the booth that had their focus. It is great to see such enthusiasm!

Waiting For The Doors To Open

It is almost 10am on Tuesday morning - bosses do you know where your engineers are? People are registering while others mill about in front of the hall doors. Only the exhibitors are allowed past security The attendees are ready to get into the Expo.

Last Minute Testing

It worked last night, but is it still working? I heard that question more than once. The equipment on display is pretty complex and it is a good idea to have a run through one more test to make sure everything is working and everyone understands how to show it off. Did you ever think about the preparation that goes into the Expo? I didn’t until I started to write the show blog. Chicago really opened my eyes. New Orleans reinforced that.

Getting Ready Part 2

I could have spent hours doing this, but I think you get the feeling. Everyone is excited. They have worked hard and now it is time to show off the product and meet new friends.

The Exhibit Hall Before The Storm

This was the scene on Tuesday morning before the doors opened. The exhibitors had worked for days (many 4 or 5 days) prior to opening the Expo. Now they were doing last minute things to make the booths look better.

I tried to keep the videos small in size and short in length. I have one more of these that will also be posted.

Wow, Do I Have A Lot To Learn


After my initial video work, I know I am not Cecil B. deWolf! I have a new found respect for those producing movies, documentaries, and other types of videos. I am truly sorry you all are having to journey with me on the learning curve. I did practice before the Expo, but there is nothing like doing it for real. I am so thankful you all know I am a nerd engineer (the photo is more of my natural habitat), but I will improve by time we get to Orlando. This has added a whole new venue for me and the blog.

I have just finished uploading my videos to the blog site. As soon as they have been processed, I’ll get them posted. I am going to go out and get my own flip camera. Doug Fix a great friend loaned me his for the Expo - what a trusting soul. I am also going to get some video editing software. What you see is what I saw. I would like to be able to cut and splice. It would improve the video. Thank you PES for giving me this fun assignment.

Fireworks Show

I tried to get some of the fireworks too. It was a fantastic show. My little flip camera could not do the show justice, but you will get the idea.

The Reception Parade Video

Here is my first attempt at video. I am such a beginner in the wonderful world of video. Still photography is my field, but video??? I found out the camera doesn’t rotate the video when I rotate the video. My Nikon does. Maybe I better check out other cameras if I am going to do video in the future.


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