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Talk About HOT WHEELS!!!


Go to the Siemens exhibit! Run - don’t walk. They have a really cool smart chopper there. You can climb all over it. They will even take your photo (green screen). You can be a biker dude - really impress your friends.

I wanted everyone to see the set up. I’ll download my photo and post it later. While you are there sign up for the technology tour in the dome.

Evolution of Gas - Hummmm


My friends at HVB-AE Power Systems always come up with something to get my attention. I stopped by today and talked with Stephanie Hayden. We have known each other for many years and it is always great to visit with her. The theme of their booth is the evolution of the gas circuit breaker.

I am a history buff and this was fascinating, but more so was where we are going next. Ask them about the gasless power circuit breaker. I think it should prove interesting.

Great Idea


PES had a great idea that I appreciated today. Lunch was brought in. They had a ton of food including chocolate chip cookies. I must say I never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn’t like. But getting back to the great idea, time is so precious. The floor is so demanding that it is really nice to be able to grab some food and keep on trucking.

Booth Toys


I stopped at the MR booth to talk with Ray Williams. MR (Reinhausen) has been making LTCs for a long time and has a lot of technology and have some new ideas to talk about.

They have a really cool toy too. The LED plastic cube. It can be dropped in a friend’s drink (after they have had several drinks under their belt). It drive your friends crazy with the colored lights. Go talk to Ray and his friends.

There Are Bears on The Floor - Ice Bears!!!!!!!


Go find the folks at Ice Energy and ask to see the BEAR. They have one of the neatest technologies around. Imagine being able to shift the customer’s (end user’s) load profile. Ice Bears can cool large spaces on peak with a small amount of electricity and you consume higher amounts of energy off peak to make the ice. A couple of utilities are really into this cool technology. Talk to Sarah Nathan or one of her friends about it.

Transformers Are Getting More High Tech


I ran into Dave Harris from Waukesha today. He has some interesting things to say about where the substation transformer technology is headed. I am sure he will share these facts with you. Stop by and say hi. Telling him you read about him on the blog!

The Universities Are Here


An old friend of mine is on the floor talking to manufacturers and exhibitors. He is George Karady from Arizona. He has been teaching electrical engineering students for a long time. That is why he is here - keeping up with the technology advancements.

The Attendees Are Ready


This place is crowded! Everywhere I go I see lots and lots of people visiting the booths. The flow of information is amazing. I have also seen young engineers all over the place. The ones I have talked to are blown away by the size of the exhibit hall. They wonder how they are going to see it all in just 3 days!

Contest Time

Who has the best give away booth toy???? I am looking. The winner will be featured in an up coming blog! If you see me, give me a toy.

Tech Toys


Be sure to stop at Areva!. Neil Kerby has the most fantastic scanner. He held a graphic of a converter station up to it and the computer screen jumped to a 3D model of a converter. What a neat thing. I could not believe it. The detail was great. You could do a real fly around and go thru the model.


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