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Sunday In the French Quarter


Today New Orleans had its Iron Man celebration. I didn’t think the movie came out until next month. Just kidding. The streets were blocked. it was safe to jaywalk - actually encouraged. It was more like a party than a grueling physical event where people push themselves to the brink of endurance. But the local committee (Crescent City Currents) told me the Big Easy makes everything a party. I believe them now. I can’t wait to see what goes on at the conference. I know it will be good!!!

Finding Food In The French Quarter


For the past couple of nights, we have gone the traditional path of going to restaurants. We went to the Court of the 2 Sisters and it was fantastic. We also went to K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, again fantastic. I can highly recommend either of these fine establishments. You can’t go wrong, but do get reservations. There will be an Information booth on the floor at the Expo. Stop there and talk to the volunteers. They are locals and have a great sense of where to go if you tell them what you like.

We tried another method today - the progressive dinner. We hit the French Quarter and wandered amongst the stores, stalls, and restaurants. We found a great little place for sea food gumbo. They had a plate of lightly toasted French bread to go with it. Next, we found a place with alligator kabobs. They also had snapping turtle, but I really wanted the gator. I haven’t had that in a long time. Twenty paces later, I found alligator on a stick, but passed it by in search of other taste treats. We found frogs legs too with a spicy sauce on them - great, great, great! To wrap it up, there was a place with homemade bread pudding. Mine had white chocolate sauce. Pam’s had rum. When you are looking for something to eat at the Expo take advantage of the area. Cajun cooking is great. There is just about anything else you could want too.

Wild Pigs


I shot a couple of gigs worth of swamp photos today. It isn’t hard when you are in a setting like that, but this is my last swamp photo and story - promise. We saw movement on a finger of dry land near the river as we entered a narrow channel. There were two adult pigs and about 6 or so young pigs. The guide said the hang around the this area close to the river. He believes sooner or later he will be seeing gators hanging around this area if the pigs don’t get smarter.

Bird Watching


The great egret was almost driven to extinction due to fashion. They were hunted for their plumage to adorn hats. They are no longer endangered. We spent about ten minutes watching this one walk along the shallow water fishing (I just had to share this photo). They eat just about anything - from fish to gators (small ones of course).

Swamps Are Beautiful


I got my answer about swamps too. The Louisiana swamps are like the swamps in Northern Florida - lots of trees. There were gum, cedar, and cyprus. The swamps in Southern Florida are more open. It was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Sunday morning. A couple of times the guide stopped the boat, cut the motor, and we just sat. We watched the animals, saw some snakes, and of course gators. The sounds were better than anything an iPod or any other stereo could deliver. Bird songs came from every direction.

Big Al Slept In, But Little Al was There


Wouldn’t you know it. We went in search of Big Al the gator and he wasn’t there. It has been about 10 to 20 degrees colder this month than normal. So, the reptiles are not too active. Little Al was there. He said Big Al was still with Mama, which was good for Little Al - he wasn’t being chased away!

We actually saw a couple of gators today. One was laying in the grass soaking up the rays. Gators are solar powered. They store up heat form the sun. Once they are warm enough, they start moving about. Maybe we can learn something about renewables and energy storage from the swamp critters.

Going to See Big Al

He is a gator! We have a swamp tour in a half hour. Stay tuned - film and story at 11! This should be fun. I can’t wait to see if Louisiana swamps are different from Florida. And, if they are - how so. Should be lots of photo ops too. See you on the flip flop.

Louisiana Saturday Night


It is Sunday morning and I have to report Bourbon Street really is wild on Saturday night! It is wall to wall people out to have a party. The jazz is falling out of every store and bar front on the street. People line the balconies. So, they are overhead, around you and inside of every place. People, lots of happy people.

I almost made this an XX rate blog. I was taking photos and had a great one with lots of color. Pam asked if I had read the sign I had just photographed. Of course i had not. I was attracted to all the colors. It was fantastic. I turned around and looked closer - OMG. I didn’t know you could advertise such! If you see me on the floor at the Expo, ask. That is the only way you will find out.


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