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NOLA is magic. Okay, NOLA is short hand for New Orleans, Louisiana, but it is still magic. Walking down the street can be an adventure around here. We heard a street band a couple of blocks away tonight. The street was blocked and traffic was a mess. In the middle of all this there was a party going on. People were dancing in the street, waving handkerchiefs, and the band was strutting from side to side.

Everyone was having a great time and then it was over. The crowd went inside a building. The band broke up. The police left and traffic started to move again. If you are quick there is a reward.

That Something Extra We Have Been Talking About


Pam and I decided to come to New Orleans a couple of days early to sample what the host city has to offer and is is always enjoyable. We do this a lot with PES conferences. The conference committee spends a lot of time in the selection process to find places that add to our experiences. It’s kind of like those enrichment classes we all took in college. Many students took advantage many did not.

I am a certified nerd engineer, but I found out a long time ago life is more than work. You have to recharge those internal batteries. So, the next couple of days are going to be blogs about the fun side of the conference. We will get back to the education and work on Monday!!

Showboat’s Coming


A right turn from Decatur street (if you are walking NE) finds you standing at the might Mississippi! It is big… way big… huge… you select the adjective. It will fit. We sat down and watched the barges go past. Then we heard a horn - more like a steam whistle. Off to the south we saw the paddle wheel steamboat. What a sight!

I sure am glad the hotel wasn’t ready for us when we arrived. We would have unpacked, laid around, and found reasons to stay in the air conditioned comfort of the room. Did I mention it is warm here today?

Jazz, Jazz, and More Jazz


Music is everywhere! And, it is great music. And, in so many cases it is live music. There are street musicians, bands in the restaurants, and recorded from speakers. It spills out of stores. The streets are awash with it. Funny thing it all blends together, just like the smells. The smell of food cooking is over powering, but not in a bad way. The senses are assaulted from every angle, but you find yourself craving more!!

When we sat down at the Cafe du Monde we found a street musician just on the other side of the railing and he was good. First it was “What A Wonderful World,” followed by the Saints Go Marching In,” then we heard “How Great Thou Art.” he kept a steady flow of music and talk going for everyone at the cafe. It was so enjoyable, we hated to go, but others were waiting their turn.

Green Chili - Told You I Would Find Them!


The French Quarter is a fantastic place for a walk-about. It is hard to describe the variety of things for sale. We just walked a few blocks after coffee and found the Farmer’s Market. And, guess what - green (red too) chili! They had that and a lot more. Ever heard of “Slap Ya Mama” spice? We found it. Now we will look for green chili dishes in the restaurants. It has to be here.

You’re Too Early - Go Away


We made it to New Orleans. Had a great flight - slept most of the way. Upon arriving at our hotel, we were told we were too early. More or less, go away - come back in a couple of hours… In some locations this would have been a bummer, big time. Not in the Big Easy. We went to the French Quarter.

Cafe du Monde had room for us! We found a table next to the rail and got comfortable. The waiter brought us two orders of beignets (the most fabulous New Orleans donuts) and chicory coffee. What a treat. We have been dreaming of this day one of trip planning. We are definitely going back!!


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