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Ladies Of Power


After the press conference I was talking to Cheryl Warren (PES Secretary) about the camera I have been using for all the photos on the blog. She is a super photographer and uses a Canon. I prefer the Nikon – it gives us a point to bicker about at times. Noel Schulz (PES Treasurer) came over to see what we were having so much fun with and we took a photo for the blog. Paula Traynor (PES VP of Technical Activities) saw what we up to something and wanted to be part of the fun, which attracted Wanda Reder (PES President). Here is our photo –enjoy.

Say Thanks To The Volunteers


Have you been riding the shuttle buses as I have? If so, I’ll bet there is a volunteer at your hotel and at the convention center everyday. That volunteer is making sure everything works, as it should. Tom is the first volunteer I see every morning outside the Chicago Hilton. He is also the last volunteer I see at the convention center. He was even at the reception getting us all on the correct buses after festivities. He always has a smile and kind word. Tonight I told him thanks. I took his photo and told him I was going to put him in the blog. Tom told me he was just doing his job the real hero was over there and pointed to another gentlemen. In my book all the volunteers are the invisible hands supporting us everyday.

Past, Present, and Future - All Working Together


Have you ever considered the commitment the PES president makes to PES. I ran into Al Rotz today. He is our President-Elect. As we talked about what was going on with PES, I got to thinking about our officers commitment to the office and to PES. The President-Elect takes part in most if not all of the meetings with the President. Not only that, but the Immediate Past President is also available to help answer any questions about what took place on their watch. This system gives the President a storehouse of data and information. At the committee level there is the same type of commitment. There is a Vice Chair, a Chair, and an Immediate past Chair all working to keep the committees functioning smoothly.

Harleys on the Floor Too??

Someone told me there were Harleys on the exhibit floor. I saw a lot of different types of equipment, but Harleys? Well it is true. I had to do some hunting to find it, but there it was at the Delta-Star booth. It was surrounded by a crowd of guys. No wonder it was hard to find – I should have looked for the crowd. Come by Delta-Star and find out how to win it.


Boy is My Face Red


I just went to the PES press conference. Pat Ryan (PES Executive Director) asked me why I haven’t talked about the name change for PES. I told him I was waiting for the offical release (I thought that was what we were meeting for today). Turns out this is old news - the T&D Committee Chair missed the announcement. Our President, Wanda Reder told everyone on Monday that we are now the Power and Energy Society. Where was Gene? Well, I was off lining up some folks to talk to my students for the tour of the exhibit floor. I missed the opening, but I got the students a couple of good demos. The students by the way were very excited about the student job fair started here. They got to visit with over 50 employers today and talk about careers in our industry.

Gasless Power Circuit Breakers


Have you been to the HVB exhibit? If not you are missing the new gassless breaker - no SF6 here, so what is replacing the gas - nothing! It is a 72kV 31.5kA breaker. Go see it. Look at the 800kV power breakers photos too when you are there and ask Stephanie Heyden to tell you how they work. 800kV is pretty impressive.

Bird’s Eye View

If you love Google Earth like I do, you will love the Burns & McDonnell’s booth. They have the coolest software. It’s called One ToucH PM. You can learn some pretty interesting things from this view point.


Smart Grid Smartly


The super session on the Smart Grid was super. There was standing room only. The engineers seemed to be soaking up every word (there were a few checking their eye lids for holes - hope the boss doesn’t read blogs). Hopefully they now have a better understanding of this brave new world. Don’t miss these sessions. They really get the experts and the attendees together.



Anyone who knows me knows I am a coffee-holic. I went to Kona for vacation and brought back many pounds of 100% pure Kona coffee. I visited every plantation with a visitor program. I picked coffee beans, watched them roasted and sampled every blend I could find. This afternoon I was walking down the aisle and my nose (Wolves have a highly developed sense of smell) picked up the delightful smell of fresh COFFEE. The nose led me to the Meyers - Thomas and Betts exhibit. They have a real espresso machine with special coffees to order. If you play your cards right, you may get some of their brew - I enjoyed a cappuccino. What a pick-me-up for a late afternoon. I was starting move slowly after many trips from one end of the exhibit floor to the other (about 5 or 6 miles worth roughly). Heck – you got to put out the effort if you want to see it all.


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