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“Das Boot” - It’s Here


I found it and so did the other 4,199 folks at the reception. I think everyone went through the U-boat, but the line moved smoothly. I ran into many old friends coming and going as we moved along. John McDonald (past PES President) was ahead of me in line and we had a chance to visit. He confirmed the previous rumor I had reported in the posting about the GE exhibit. There will be fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!!!!!! Pam kept a weathered eye on my progress through the U-boat. When we got to the control room it was big. I thought it was my chance to play with the controls curses foiled again; they had a lady stationed in the room watching. Between her and Pam I didn’t have a chance.

Music, music, music!


Pam and I followed the sounds coming from the band to the upper floor at the Museum. The place was jumping and it appeared the conference goers were in the groove. Carl Segneri (Chair of the Windy City Wise Guys the Organizing Committee) was standing in the center of merriment surrounded by the Wise Guys. They are still as excited as last week, but now they are seeing the results of all the Wise Guy’s efforts and that is relaxing them.

Tommy and John Are Happy - When Everyone’s Happy!


In an earlier posting I said Tommy Mayne was all over the place. Well, I kept running into him tonight at the reception. Tommy checks and double checks all the activities. As he says, he makes sure everyone is having fun. I caught up with him and John Paserba (PES VP of Meetings) as they checked things out. As you can see by the smiles, everything was good. I hope you didn’t miss this happening.

Can You Have Too Much Fun?


The last count I heard was over 4,200 attendees came to the reception at the Museum of Science and Industry, but it never seemed crowded. The biggest problem was getting everyone to go home, not getting them home. Remember that country song about it is impossible for a girl to be pretty, to have too much money, or have way too much fun? Well that was the problem here tonight! The food was way too good what a choice (I ate way too much) and what a variety. The band was great and the old friends made it hard to get around. The Organizing Committee had everything moving like a well oiled machine. Imagine getting that many people to and from their hotels. Well it that is exactly what happened. The buses were waiting and the trip was fun.

A Line Truck?


Hey look out there is a line truck heading up this aisle! Yes, there was a line truck following a fork life right down the main aisle. Did ComEd take a wrong turn? You’ll have to come to the show floor tomorrow to see. I tried to follow, but it was rush hour and I lost him. Whoa, how the heck do you loose a line truck in the convention center it’s a gift.

Take a Break


After a couple of hours on the floor, it was time for a break. As luck would have it, McDonalds is right in McCormick Place these folks think of everything. If you think yeah right just another rude fast food place. Well you got that wrong. I met Otis today. He was manning the cash register and he had a smile and kind word for everyone in line. When it was my turn he took my order and chatted while it came up. I asked about the pace starting tomorrow - would it be hard on them. He smiled and said that after the Chicago Auto Show this would be very nice. It is good to kept things in perspective. Of course, I had ordered something that had to be made fresh. I guess I looked tired after dodging fork lifts and Otis told me to go sit down, he would bring me my order when it came up. It as great meeting this gentleman, he was making the Expo better one person at a time.

Some Assembly Required


Wow, there are people everywhere. The boxes are opened and the parts are coming together. I talked with one exhibitor running past me. Everything he had shipped had arrived. Well, everything except one box. As Murphy would have it, the missing box was the important one and he had to find it. When you think of it, all parts are important, but the missing one is the attention grabber.

Need Traffic Control


You really need to be careful on the floor today. Forklifts, golf carts, and all kinds of high lifts are racing in every direction. The drivers are all connected with radios, walkie-talkies, and cell phones. They have schedules to make and equipment to move.

Activity Everywhere


The show floor is a like an ant hill that has been kicked over. You have never seen such activity. I stopped by the S&C exhibit and talked with my friend Steven Strand. He says it is all under control. The pieces are falling in place as we speak confidence and planning.

Show Time Is Almost Here


I stopped by the PES booth at the Expo to check on activities and found Pat Ryan and John McDonald working on some ideas for the coming days. Like everyone else, they are excited with the pending Expo.


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