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Aging Infrastructure?????


Seriously, there are panels and sessions on the aging work force and the infrastructure at the Expo. Find the one that grabs you. Okay – this is Chaco Canyon. I went there a couple of weeks ago and could not pass up the pun. I’d welcome any and all comments.

U-Boats, Glass Blowers, and Dinosaurs - Oh my!

It is spring time in New Mexico; there’s only a ¼” of ice on the bird bath this morning and only 3” to 6” of snow is expected today. Tomorrow it will be 72°F. Chicago should be more stable and my friends on the organizing committee assure me the conditions at McCormick Place are ideal for us, not to mention the Museum of Science and Industry where we will all be heading Monday evening for the reception. Carl Segneri said this would be one of those talked about highlights of which we are so fond. The “Wise Guys” had hoped to get a couple of thousand to attend. Earlier this week over 3,500 had signed up for the reception – way to go Guys! Carl has added 8 more buses to the shuttle program for Monday night. The kid/geek in me is super excited about the museum. “Das Boot” is there – “ausgezeichnet!” Yep a WW-II German U-boat is on display “AND” we can go inside of it! Pam will be busy keeping me out of trouble here for sure. Geekier still is the “Earth Revealed” exhibit – high tech real time living Earth. The “Glass Experience” has Pam excited. Dale Chihuly’s “Macchia Forest” is part of it. I think this is one of those enrichment times I talked about previously. There is also a New Mexico connection too – “Dinosaurs Alive”! The Omnimax show filmed in part in New Mexico at the Ghost Ranch exploring fossils (NO, not old engineers). The Museum says my home state is one of the few places where the rock layers preserve the whole age of dinosaurs (Cretaceous to Jurassic to Triassic). Tell the boss the reception was just one of those networking things you were expected to attend – pay no attention to the T-Rex behind the curtain. I’d welcome any and all comments.


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