Happy Trails…


Pam and I are back home after a great time with all our old and new friends. It is so nice to be back in the high desert once again. We really enjoyed the totally different foliage of Florida when compared to New Mexico. We have most breakfasts out by the hotel’s beautiful pool along with several exotic bird species and a squirrel. The last morning we spent at the pool made me realize how fortunate I am. I grew up in south Florida with these birds and plants. Now I live in New Mexico, which is another exotic location everyone enjoys visiting.

Well, the 2012 IEEE PES T&D Expo is history, but we have packed a huge amount of memories along with our suitcases. It is funny, we have been planning for the Orlando Expo since we closed the New Orleans Expo. Now it is over and the week went by in the blink of an eye, but thank God we have 2014 to look forward to. Chicago is a favorite destination of ours. The food, the Broadway shows, the museums, the shopping, and did I mention the FOOD.

Tommy and the PES executive committee will be at work next week making sure 2014 comes off even better than 2012 did. I don’t know how they will do that, but I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Don’t miss it. See you in Chicago!!

There were drawings too


After eating way too much, we all gathered at the main entrance for prize time. We turned in our badges and waited for the drawings. Oh well, maybe I’ll win something next year. I had fun anyway. I can’t imagine it getting any better, but it will. It always has. The Chicago committee has already started the planning and work.

Chicago Food


The party included, beer, pizza, pretzels, dogs, and lots of other things. If you didn’t get your fill, it was your fault. The staff hauled cart after cart full of food to the serving area. I tried to eat everything in sight, but finally gave up. It sure was good. I am so glad they don’t weight the passengers with the luggage. It has been a good week - food wise.

Time To Relax


It is time to relax and breakout the beer! Pat is very happy we had a great conference. It seems each conference our leadership raises the bar. I can’t wait to see what is next. I think the executive committee will take some much deserved down time to catch up with all they have put on hold for the past few weeks.



How do you spell relief? Talking with Noel, relief is the completion of a very well organized PES T&D Expo. As our president, she guided the event. I heard a lot of positive comments from the show floor. Most thought this was the best Expo yet, but I’ll bet the next one will top it!

The Show Is Over - Start The Party


With some fanfare Tommy closed the show and handed out 50th anniversary Frisbee like disks. It didn’t take long until everyone was throwing them around the convention center. They sure were fun to toss.

It is almost party time!


They just hit the public address system with some 60s music and woke everyone up. It can’t be much longer till the 2014 Chicago party starts for the floor. I can’t wait to go to Chicago and I’m still sitting here in Orlando blogging!!!!!

This Chalk Art Is So Much Fun


I don’t seem to be able to stay away from the Thomas & Betts’ chalk art. It is so much fun to watch the people with with it. After Pam saw it, she wanted a photo too. I guess this proves we are all kids at heart. I talked Pam into trying this.

No one has told me to grow up all show.

Great Book!!!


My friend John McDonald told me his electrical substation book will be on the market in a couple of weeks, but you can buy it at the show and get a discount. Be sure to visit the CRC Press booth before the show closes and get a copy. It is one of the best substation books I have seen and yes, I did buy one. John will have to sign it for me.


Animals Look Out


I found a super booth for substation engineers. It is a great way to control animal caused outages. I love it. You have to stop and see how they deal with our little furry friends.


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